SWE, an squalene-in-water emulsion adjuvant in open-access, for the benefit of the entire vaccine community

VFI has developed an oil-in-water adjuvant, SWE, for adjuvantation of numerous vaccines of Global Health impact.

The development of SWE started with the support of various funders, such as the European Commission, US HHS-BARDA, the German Government Technical Cooperation.
VFI has transferred manufacturing processes and quality control of SWE to vaccine manufacturers in developing countries: PT Biofarma in Indonesia and IVAC in Vietnam.
Over the years, SWE was demonstrated safe and effective, both in terms of enabling adjuvanticity and dose-sparing, when included in numerous preclinical vaccine candidates, including against Inactivated Polio Virus, Influenza, Respiratory Syncytial Virus, Rabies, and Group A streptococcus.

Following VFI’s mission and mandate, Sepivac SWE™ is made available in open-access to the entire vaccine community.

In the context of a partnership with Seppic (Air Liquide Group), SWE is now produced at GMP grade under the name Sepivac SWE™ by Seppic.