The Vaccine Formulation Institute’s squalene-in-water adjuvant SWE is now available from our partner Seppic under the name Sepivac SWE™

Sepivac SWE™ is prepared at cGMP-grade and is being made available to the entire vaccine community under open-access terms. Sepivac SWE™ adjuvant can be used in the composition of several vaccines including vaccines against seasonal influenza, pandemic influenza and COVID-19. A production capacity of several hundred million doses per year of Sepivac SWE™ is expected by summer 2021.

VFI is proud to have co-led the development of the first open-access adjuvant for prophylactic use since aluminium salts in the 1920’s and is grateful to its initial funders (European Commission, US-HHS BARDA and GIZ) for having catalysed the development of the SWE adjuvant. We look forward to continuing this long-term partnership with our Seppic colleagues.

Read Seppic press release

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