Supporting adjuvanted vaccine development up to industrial scale

VFI engages in both scientific research collaborations and product development partnerships with industrial partners.

A prime example of such a partnership is our recent technology transfer to Seppic for the product development of VFI’s novel adjuvant SWE, where VFI has been supporting all scale-up and quality control processes.

VFI has experience in collaborating with industry partners, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, for over a decade. VFI considers collaborations with industry partners as long as such collaborations are in line with VFI’s global access policy and freedom-to-operate clauses.

Current projects


“Integrated Services for Infectious Disease Outbreak Research” is an EU-funded large-scale project which assembles an unprecedented One Health-driven, integrated portfolio of cutting-edge research services and resources, dedicated to the study of epidemic-prone diseases including SARS-CoV-2 variants.


VFI provides support on adjuvant development, non-GLP in vivo studies, technology transfer of adjuvants and provision of GMP adjuvant for use in clinical studies.
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Marcandalli, J. et al. Induction of Potent Neutralizing Antibody Responses by a Designed Protein Nanoparticle Vaccine for Respiratory Syncytial Virus. Cell 176, 1420-1431.e17 (2019).



TRANSVAC is an EU-funded project aiming at developing a sustainable vaccine infrastructure for Europe.


VFI coordinates TRANSVAC activities and provides training as well as adjuvant and formulation services.
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Geels, M. J. et al. TRANSVAC research infrastructure – Results and lessons learned from the European network of vaccine research and development. Vaccine 33, 5481–5487 (2015)


VFI can provide a range of adjuvants based on oil-in-water emulsions, liposomes, or mineral salts, suitable for preclinical use. Provision of VFI’s adjuvants is accompanied by advice and guidance on how to formulate and evaluate them.

VFI can evaluate and optimise adjuvanted vaccine formulations to improve formulation stability and the quality of immune responses induced by vaccine candidates. 

This can include: 

  • Formulation of antigens in combination with various adjuvant systems under different experimental conditions
  • Assessment of the compatibility and stability of vaccine formulations, and evaluation of their physical, chemical, and biological properties
  • Development of analytical techniques relating to antigen characterization in the formulation, including but not restricted to adsorption or encapsulation rates, antigen integrity/stability evaluation, detection and quantification of adjuvants, loading rate in vaccine delivery systems, physico-chemical properties, particle-size evaluation, formulation quality control
  • Support of partners with the preclinical development of their adjuvanted vaccine candidates
  • Evaluation of the immunogenicity parameters in immunogenicity studies in vivo

VFI can assist with adjuvant manufacturing and quality control. Assays, technology, and equipment can be transferred to manufacturers, followed up by installation and training at VFI or on-site where needed.

VFI can run both theoretical and practical training courses on adjuvants and vaccine formulation. Both types of course are organized on a regular basis, but courses can also be customized upon request.

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