Adjuvants are key ingredients for enhancing the efficacy of vaccines, improving the duration of immune responses or making vaccines cheaper to produce.

VFI’s mission is to develop high-quality adjuvants for the benefit of the vaccine community and make them accessible under equitable and open-access terms.

As a global Center of Expertise, VFI provides adjuvant and formulation know-how for prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines.

VFI is funded by renowned stakeholders in the field including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the European Commission, and the National Institutes of Health.

Working with you


Catalyzing access to adjuvant and formulation expertise


VFI develops a portfolio of clinically-relevant adjuvants and provides expertise for the optimization of vaccine formulations suitable for preclinical and clinical testing.

Among numerous other activities, VFI leads the Adjuvants / Formulations platform of the BMGF Global Health Discovery Collaboratory. VFI is also partner of EC-funded TRANSVAC and ISIDORE projects, two European vaccine infrastructures dedicated on accelerating the development of vaccines.

VFI open-access policy

The Vaccine Formulation Institute is dedicated to improving Global Health by developing high-quality, innovative adjuvants to vaccine developers and manufacturers worldwide, to protect those most in need against infectious diseases.

VFI is committed to provide its technologies under equitable and open-access terms. 

VFI is a company located in Switzerland and our vision is that the adjuvanted vaccines that we help developing will be EMEA/FDA-approved and used in vaccination programs targeted to people who have until now had a reduced opportunity to receive effective vaccines.

VFI will not knowingly infringe the rights of any validly granted patent and take pride in our cutting edge research and open dialogue with collaborators to facilitate the development of critical adjuvant technologies for the production of vaccines of Global Health importance.

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